Wisconsin Hop Exchange

About Wisconsin Hop Exchange

Our Mission

We are a cooperative business dedicated to providing members with agronomic, processing and marketing services. Our goal is to become the most trusted source of quality hop products. WHEx aims to enhance grower's profitability while promoting hops for craft beer production throughout the Midwest.

Our Vision

  • Expedite processing services for large and small growers.
  • Assist growers with bulk purchasing of grower supplies.
  • Provide agronomic information for our members.
  • Adapt the latest technology to gain maximum efficiency.
  • Build a strong image in the marketplace.
  • Promote products produced with WHEx hops.
  • Conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Position our cooperative to be financially strong.
  • Develop an equitable income distribution model.
  • Develop a transparent, audited accounting system to ensure accurate accounting and payments to producers.

The Wisconsin Hop Exchange (WHEx) works from the strategy to provide premium Wisconsin grown hops to the booming craft brewing industry. The need for dependable resources of high quality hops increases as craft brewers continue to produce a rich array of superior beer products. WHEx members are committed to providing the best supply of top quality hops to support the advancement and sustained success of craft brewers around the world.

In 2011, WHEx responded to the rapidly growing industry of craft brewing and officially became a cooperative, designed to assist hop growers with the efficient production of premium hops in order to meet the demand created by the brewing trade. We currently have growers that meet regularly to share their depth of knowledge in various fields and discuss production strategies that benefit their brewing partnerships while forming a supportable industry for Wisconsin hop growers.

The commitment of the Wisconsin Hop Exchange originates from the value placed in working with innovative craft brewers. The communication and ingenuity offered through the Exchange guarantees both participating growers and brewers to stay in the leading edge of the industry. We understand by connecting the unique talent found in the Wisconsin farming heritage with the creative artistry of craft brewers throughout the world ensures continued success in the marketplace.

We welcome interested growers to join us!